Burlesque Night


♥ Status Burlesque Night : Ongoing

◊ Genres : Adult, Fantasy, Romance.

Summary : + After he starts working as a bodyguard at the burlesque bar “Rainbow,” Kuroba meets dancer Kaede in Burlesque Night Manga, who doesn’t look Japanese. Kaede is fascinating, yet intimidating. He is able to mesmerize the customers, which makes him one of the bar’s top dancers. On the surface he seems strong and confident, but under that mask there’s a man who knows what fear is, and Kuroba can’t help but be drawn to him. Kuroba hopes that Kaede can let him into his heart. However, because of a certain incident, Kaede has suffered a love-related trauma….?

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Warning: this comic contains mature content not suitable for minors. Please only continue if you are a legal adult where you live. Continue.

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