Destiny Lovers


Status Destiny Lovers : Ongoing

Genre(s): Adult, Drama, Romance.

◊ Description : Fujishirou Kousuke is currently an unfriendly and unsociable high school student in Destiny Lovers Manga. However, when he was younger, he made a promise with his childhood friend, Sayaka, that they would get married when they grew up. But one day, Kousuke is kidnapped and taken to a place that strangely resembles a prison. Little does he know though, is that this “prison” is guarded by very voluptuous women… Can Kousuke remain a virgin to fulfill his promise to Sayaka?

♣ Reference :
+ An Adults Experiences
+ I Did Naughty Things With My (Drunk) Sister
+ My Friends Dad
+ My Aunt

Warning: this comic contains mature content not suitable for minors. Please only continue if you are a legal adult where you live. Continue.

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