Rakka Ryuusui no Hoshi


Status Rakka Ryuusui no Hoshi : Completed

Genre(s): Adult

◊ Description : Kuze Akihito is living alone in his house and takes men as visitors during the night. When an officer named Sumeragi Goutarou is assigned to be his guardian, all these men stopped coming and Akihito seemed unhappy…? Later on, Goutarou learned the reason behind Akihito’s loneliness and thus their life of living together take a turn into something else.

♣ Reference :
+ Orc ga Okashite Kurenai!
+ Mia’s Tool
+ My Wife’s Partner
+ The Good Manager

Warning: this comic contains mature content not suitable for minors. Please only continue if you are a legal adult where you live. Continue.

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