Shiiku Hime



★  Author(s) : Minami kanan

★  Status : Completed

★  Genres : Action , Adventure , Comedy 

☀  Summary:

1-3. Shiiku Hime Takanezawa Hime is a girl from a wealthy family. When she was small she started bullying Asakawa Nachi. Under Hime’s guidance she wants Nachi to become her ideal pet. And thats why Nachi always obeys Hime’s commands. 4. Junai Koza Kemono Shiyou The protagonist has to teach to a boy who was her childhood friend when they were little but now the boy turned into a beautiful guy and rather than studying he prefers…other things!


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Shiiku Hime Chapter 1
Shiiku Hime Chapter 2
Shiiku Hime Chapter 3


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