Tenkuu Shinpan


★ Author(s) :  Miura Tsuina

★  Status : Ongoing

★  Genres :  Action  , Adult  , Fantasy  ,   Romance  , Comedy ,  Horror  

☀  Summary:

Tenkuu Shinpan Manga (Tenkuu Shinpan, lit. Highrise Invasion) is a manga series written by Miura Tsuina and illustrated by Oba Takahiro.
High-school-girl Yuri unexpectedly finds herself to the roof top of a highrise building. She is trapped in a weird world surrounded by sky-scrapers, in which a masked guy split a guy’s head with the ax open before her eyes.

The first writer of ‘Ajin’, Tsuina Miura operates in cooperation with Takahiro Oba, the artist of ‘Carton!’, to bring-you this skyscraper suspense that is thrilling!

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