The Tyrant’s Whereabouts


♥ Status The Tyrant’s Whereabouts : Ongoing

♠ Genres : Fantasy, Romance.

♦ Summary :
+ Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, merciless and greedy king. Looking at his life record, God shook his head. And God asked the three women who suffered the most to the king “What penalty do you want him to punish you?” Then the three women who looked at each other answered all at once. ‘Please send all of us back to the earth.” The beauty of the beautiful woman by the three ladies and the excellent sword, and the heart of steel that no one loves has been taken away and reincarnated. And as the women of the previous life, who had reincarnated as a  man in front of her, began appearing one after another, the ghosts of four people began to repeat…!

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